Toon Blast puzzle game


In this day and age, we cannot live without entertainment. There are plethoras of entertainment sources. Smart phone games and video games are among them. One such game which is played more is Toon Blast game which has flooded the smart phones of the puzzled seekers. This game provides the same level of enjoyment, entertainment as well as same challenges as of Candy crush. As you achieve the set goal for each level, you get next level without miss a chance of losing life. Apart from it, you gain some additional rewards by making use of quality Toon Blast Hack 2019 and make a quick progress in the game.

Need more lives

This game begins with 5 lives or chances. Whenever you are not able to fulfil the given task you lose a life. In the same way, you continue to lose a life or miss chance of getting next level. As solution to this problem

  • You can ask for the lives from your friends.
  • You can get lives by spending the stored amount of game currency.
  • You can join team which may help you by giving lives.
  • You can watch short add or videos.

Strategy to clear level

How to clear hard or difficult levels is a question which bothers the player or to stop the player to enjoy the next challenge. For this problem you can seek online help or visit the FAQ section. You can visit the setting where you will get help how to score more to clear the levels by joining or combining the same colours tiles or objects.

To get more boosters and gifts

There numerous gifts or boosters given to you on the daily basis. As you open the game app to play every day, you get some daily basis rewards. There is another way to get boosters just like clearing the level by achieving more than the given target. As you more to the next stage or level you automatically get some different types of boosters.