Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Hay Day


There are many people those love to play the Hay Day game only because of its attractive features. If you also love to play the farming games, then you should try the Hay Day game. If we talk deeper about the Hay Day, then players will get 150 coins and diamond at the beginning of the game. Due to this, they are able to start the process of farming.

No doubt, its farming game then it is possible to face a shortage of currencies so players can use Hay Day Hack in order to generate the currency. It is very easy to use the generators that can help you generate free coins and diamonds.

Role of Chickens

Chickens are farm animals those produce eggs into their field. Basically, it is the first type of farm animal which unlocked in the game. Make sure, it starts from level 1 and goes to 23. It takes about 20 min in order to provide you an egg. Consequently, you can use the egg in order to produce other things. Instead of this, players can also sell all these eggs to the visitors. In addition to this, chickens have three different states first is default second is full, and other is hungry.

Moving further, when the chicken is on the default state then it stands straight. If we talk about the full state, then it gets to sit, and other is hungry in which chickens are starting lean on the surface. It means they can be dying, in case they don’t eat anything. Therefore, you should not take the risk to don’t give them their feed. Instead of this, there are some valuable things which people should understand about the game which is possible after reading the reviews

Where can I buy chicken?

During the summer and winter, the clothes of the chickens automatically get change which looks really attractive. Therefore, you should think about the chickens and other important pets. Nevertheless, people can buy the chickens by spending five coins each. You can upgrade them and help them to reach the level 1 to 23.