Shooting tips of PES 2020

Pro evolution soccer game 2020 has over the years established itself as the lighting bulb in the soccer gaming industry. This is due to the massive reviews that the game is receiving making it among the best soccer game in the world. Even with its old age in the market, the pro evolution soccer game 2020 is still a force to reckon with. One of the things that people enjoy most in soccer is scoring of goals which can prove to be tricky sometime and that is why this article will give you tips on how to score goals whenever you see a chance.

Normal shooting – the normal shooting is the shooting without any added vibe in the goal. These are the goals that you score when you create a clear-cut chance or you are one on one with the goalkeeper. To do this you just need to press x button in the Xbox or press square in PS4 and remember to give direction. The direction of your shot should be somewhere where it is hard for the keeper to reach for the ball. Juts press lightly pressing too much will give the shot too much power and thus fly high.

Finesse shot – the finesse shot is the shot where the player curves the ball to where the keeper cannot reach. To achieve this in PES 2020 Hack, you just have to hold your left stick in the gaming pad, press the square or x button and then tap R2 OR RT and the finesses shot will be delivered. However, when shooting using the finesses shot consider the position the player is in and the attributes of the keeper. There are some players who cannot deliver a finesse shot.

Shot power – the amount of power you give to the shot is very essential because it determines the direction that the shot will take. If you are one on one with the goalkeeper you need to just tap the shoot button because pressing for long will shot wide but in case you are far pressing harder is allowed.