Real Racing 3 – accelerate speed of car and enjoyment similarly


Real Racing 3 game is a game of speed and competition among world famous skilled drivers. The game provides the gamers to have various models of cars to opt for and modify them as per the wish and choice. The player, if a new to the game, can set the car by manually like color, style, speed wheels and so on. There are plethora of events such as cup races, drag races, speed challenges, speedway and many more. The player also has a Real Racing 3 Hack to use if he or she faces any obstacle during the play time. Each and every race, player finishes results into cash and points to play further.

Player has very smooth control and by just tilting the screen turns the wheels and steering. By default there are some important features like brakes assist, steering assist, and traction control enable the player to do whatever he wants.

Gold and Cash – game currency

The game has two types of game currencies – Gold and Cash. Cash utilization is in the form of game up gradation cars, and to repair services. Gold results into bypass of the compulsory wait time because the service of the cars takes long time.

Graphics of the game

The game is not small to download and in the game there are 45 highly detailed cars of different companies like BMW, Audi, Nissan, Ford, Prosche and list goes endless. Most of the places are with good graphics. The look of cars attracts player as reflection and lighting make them. The game scenes look varied and give realistic view.

Time problem in the game

The game has main time problem as there is fix time for some of the tasks and there is indication of time. That’s why player must schedule the time to play himself. But gold tokens can be used to set it as well as Real Racing 3 Hack to those costly gold tokens. Therefore, download and have fun with the game.