Plenty of things, weapons, chests, coins and many more in Pixel Gun 3D Game


The shooting and battle game Pixel Gun 3D game has come up with plenty of options such as chests, coins, modes, weapons and the list is never ending. The player of the game start the game with a single Gun and as the advancement reaches at the top player has plethora of options to opt for the levels of the game. Here player of the game has to root out the enemies from the ground of battles with the help of friends in online or it is up to the player if he wants to play it offline. Player is also able to use Pixel Gun 3D Cheats to have more destructive weapons.

Super functions, modes, and features

  • Pixel Gun 3D game has many useful features, functions and modes to be played with team players and opponents. Such as
    • Royale battle – in this mode player may utilize more than 30 maps to locate foes of the game. There are 100 players to fight with. The player who survives for long time is the winner of this battle game.
    • Death match – the mode is made for the player to have more score of kills than any other players of the game to have more chances of victory.
    • Cooperative game mode –working only with the teammates here can be an asset and at least 3 other players should be in team including player.
    • Clan fort – capturing other players’ fort and protects his own fort is the action and task of this mode.
    • Offline mode – player should play offline mode so that he can have expertise in the battles and player learns how to deal with dead walkers and zombies with many weapons. To play all the modes of this game Pixel Gun 3D Cheats is worth using as it can get the player with skins, coins and guns.